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DOJ and JCODE law enforcement targeting dark web drug trafficking

Operation SpecTor

The Department of Justice is trying to send a message ...
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Police using facial recognition technology and making wrongful arrest

Police, Facial Recognition & Wrongful Arrest

Law Enforcement, Facial Recognition, and Wrongful Arrest Facial recognition technology ...
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Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney Search Warrant thrown out ruled unconstitutional search

Search Warrants Do Not Always Hold Up In Court

When federal charges arise from drugs recovered through a search ...
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fbi agents and federal agencies gaining access to data from Fusion Centers which is difficult for defense attorneys to prove to be obtained illegally

Fusion Centers, Federal Agencies, & Criminal Defense Attorneys

Established after the attacks on 9/11, so-called fusion centers are ...
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recording police during traffic stop on cell phone

Recording Police Traffic Stop

Recording Police….Record at Your Own Risk? In October 2018, Dijon ...
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DNA evidence murder charges defense attorney

Update on Idaho Murders

Quadruple Homicide in Moscow, Idaho In late November 2022, investigators ...
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Rideshare driver view from back regarding Uber Chief Security Officer found guilty of obstruction of justice and misprision of felony after paying hackers to hide breach

Stolen Information Cover-Up

Obstruction of Justice & Misprision of Felony Uber’s former Chief ...
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Online Doctor Appointment, and Google Serious Violation needing Ohio child porn attorney in Columbus

Possessing Child Pornography By Taking Pictures For Doctor – Detected By Google

Tech Giant or Law Enforcer?             The pandemic has changed ...
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Supreme Court - US Supreme Court ruled federal courts may not consider claims on habeas review that were not raised in state court proceedings - ineffective assistance by trial counsel

US Supreme Court ruled federal courts may not consider claims on habeas review that were not raised in state court proceedings

When in Doubt, Raise it Now – Claims On Habeas ...
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Federal child pornography sentencing table in months of imprisonment based on offense level and criminal history


Confirmation Hearings Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson In early April of ...
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Columbus, Ohio passwords and hacking lawyer defense

Can the police access your phone remotely?

Can police access your phone remotely? Our world is more ...
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acquittal after jury trial in Ohio

Acquittal of Charges in a Criminal Case  

                A recent case in Muskingum County, Ohio (  ...
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