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bitcoin atm machine used to withdraw

PULLING THE THREAD: Investigators Unravel Dark Web Drug Ring Through ATM Withdrawals

They say to catch criminals, you gotta follow the money. …

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Ohio Driver's License photos used by law enforcement for facial recognition

Ohio’s Driver’s License Image Database Used By FBI

Most of us despise our Ohio driver’s license photograph. As …

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When They See Us

Netflix’s most-watched documentary since its May 31 premiere, When They …

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The use of facial recognition technology for law enforcement

About Face – Law Enforcement And Facial Recognition Technology

Why San Francisco banned the use of facial recognition software …

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Wikileaks Julian Assange indicted for conspiracy to hack military computers by the US Justice Department with conspiracy to

Julian Assange: Radical Symbol of Freedom or Just Another Hacker?

The United States Justice Department indicted Julian Assange for the 2010 conspiracy to hack military computers

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Burner Phones and your data privacy

AT&T & Your Data Privacy

Should law enforcement have the right to buy personal metadata …

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Nike Extortion Case: Celebrity Trial Attorney Mark Geragos Named “Unindicted Co-conspirator”

It was a good week for Empire actor Jussie Smollett. …

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Trial by jury in a child pornography case

The Supreme Court’s Jury Duty – Trial By Jury

Deliberating the right to trial by jury for some judge-sentenced …

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Your DNA Evidence for Public Consumption: How a genealogy website and a hotdog got a man arrested on murder charges

How do you get arrested on murder charges for eating …

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Does Marijuana Legalization Sniff Out K-9 Careers for Drug Dogs?

Man’s best friend can be a criminal’s worst nightmare.  With …

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A Christmas Miracle in Congress?

The First Step Act: Bipartisan Sentencing Reform Long Overdue When …

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Anything You Say Can be Used Against You

The case of terrorist informant Ali Kourani’s unprotected confession to …

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