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Supreme Court rules on issue of split jury

While courts’ responses to CoVid-19 vary substantially, the Supreme Court …

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Columbus, Ohio Courts and Coronavirus COVID-19

Ohio Criminal courts and Coronavirus

Courts Remain Open During Emergencies. Ohio Criminal courts, attorneys and the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Police officer questioning during traffic stop

Traffic Stop, Pulled Over—for What?

Oregon’s Top Court Bans Unjustified Questioning During Traffic Stops Mr. …

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laundered money cleaned and stacked. Columbus Ohio money laundering charges defense attorney for federal charges

Stacked or Side by Side: Laundered Money Doesn’t Come Clean

University of Miami professor and money laundering expert indicted for …

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Police officer questioning during traffic stop

Marijuana Smells Like Probable Cause – Can Police Search a Vehicle Without a Warrant?

Police need probable cause to search a vehicle without a …

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FBI Hacker uses dark web to find criminal activity and child pornographers

Attorneys Get Child Porn Charges Dropped as FBI “Browses” into New Privacy Territory

The Dark Web’s Tor browser is easy to download and …

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bitcoin atm machine used to withdraw

PULLING THE THREAD: Investigators Unravel Dark Web Drug Ring Through ATM Withdrawals

They say to catch criminals, you gotta follow the money. …

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Ohio Driver's License photos used by law enforcement for facial recognition

Ohio’s Driver’s License Image Database Used By FBI

Most of us despise our Ohio driver’s license photograph. As …

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When They See Us

Netflix’s most-watched documentary since its May 31 premiere, When They …

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The use of facial recognition technology for law enforcement

About Face – Law Enforcement And Facial Recognition Technology

Why San Francisco banned the use of facial recognition software …

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Wikileaks Julian Assange indicted for conspiracy to hack military computers by the US Justice Department with conspiracy to

Julian Assange: Radical Symbol of Freedom or Just Another Hacker?

The United States Justice Department indicted Julian Assange for the 2010 conspiracy to hack military computers

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Burner Phones and your data privacy

AT&T & Your Data Privacy

Should law enforcement have the right to buy personal metadata …

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