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acquittal after jury trial in Ohio

Acquittal of Charges in a Criminal Case  

                A recent case in Muskingum County, Ohio (  ...
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Empty jury seats in courtroom due to plea bargain by Ohio criminal defense attoreny

Plea Bargains vs Criminal Trials

The Truth About Plea Bargains & Criminal Trials Taking a ...
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Percocet involuntary manslaughter charges Columbus, Ohio Defense Attorney


Drug overdose deaths in the United States worsened during the ...
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Inmate in prison holding jail bars waiting for First Step Act attorney to get his release paperwork processed

How the First Step Act Impacts Your Federal Criminal Case

First Step Act (FSA) In 2018, the First Step Act ...
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Man in black mask with handgun

Covid-19 Stress Linked to Surging Gun Violence

  People are stressed out by Covid-19. And violent crime ...
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Police Warrant, officer with handcuffs and warrant ready to arrest suspect

“No Knock” Warrants Investigation in Breonna Taylor Case

The home has always been a treasured place in the ...
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Bearing or Scaring? When do Second Amendment rights become unlawful?

Bearing or Scaring?

When do Second Amendment rights become unlawful?             When a ...
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DNA evidence used for wrongful conviction on Murder charges

DNA: The Power to Convict Murder Charges with Just a Trace

Trace DNA, also known as ‘touch’ DNA, has the power ...
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Supreme Court rules on issue of split jury

While courts’ responses to CoVid-19 vary substantially, the Supreme Court ...
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Columbus, Ohio Courts and Coronavirus COVID-19

Ohio Criminal courts and Coronavirus

Courts Remain Open During Emergencies. Ohio Criminal courts, attorneys and the Coronavirus pandemic.
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Police officer questioning during traffic stop

Traffic Stop, Pulled Over—for What?

Oregon’s Top Court Bans Unjustified Questioning During Traffic Stops Mr. ...
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laundered money cleaned and stacked. Columbus Ohio money laundering charges defense attorney for federal charges

Stacked or Side by Side: Laundered Money Doesn’t Come Clean

University of Miami professor and money laundering expert indicted for ...
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