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The Columbus, Ohio Criminal Defense Law Offices of W. Joseph Edwards was founded in 1990 and handles cases including criminal defensewhite collar crimefederal offenses, and DUI charges. Far from the impersonal experience many clients receive from other Columbus, Ohio criminal defense attorneys at the larger area law firms, Edwards prides his legal practice on frequent one-on-one contact with each and every person he represents. Columbus, Ohio criminal defense Attorney Edwards feels comfortable giving his cell phone number to the clients he defends so they can bypass the support staff and work directly with the attorney who is defending them. He encourages his clients to text, email, and call his cell phone anytime. Additionally, when Edwards is the lawyer defending your criminal charges, you can be assured that he and he is doing the vast majority of work on your case and therefore will have a thorough understanding of your defense throughout the litigation process. Further, unlike the large corporate criminal defense firms, Attorney Edwards offers flexibility in the structure of legal clients’ fee schedules.

Since its inception, the Columbus, Ohio Law Offices of W. Joseph Edwards has handled hundreds of criminal defense cases, including DUI , homicide, sex crimes, drug charges, and white collar crimes. In addition to vigorously defending criminal charges, the Columbus, Ohio law firm represents clients in civil personal injury cases ranging from auto accidents to any type of injury caused by the negligence of others.

Columbus, Ohio criminal defense Attorney Edwards receives the majority of clients as referrals from other area attorneys based on their knowledge of his experience in vigorously defending his clients’ criminal charges, and from being highly recommended by previous clients. Unlike many attorneys who require payment for initial consultations, the Law Offices of W. Joseph Edwards offers free consultations for potential new clients. If you are facing a criminal charge or have been injured directly by or due to the negligence of another, we encourage you to contact the Columbus Ohio criminal defense Law Firm of W. Joseph Edwards.

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