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Everyone’s story for needing a Columbus criminal defense lawyer begins differently. It could start with a D.U.I charge after a friend’s party, a knock at the door by federal agents armed with a search warrant, or a certified letter from the IRS. No matter how unexpectedly, when the Government accuses you of wrongdoing, your life can change dramatically.

As a criminal defense lawyer in Columbus, I understand that your case is not just about your good name and integrity but also your career, finances, family and freedom. As your criminal defense attorney, I understand that facing the judicial system can seem frightening and overwhelming, but you need not do it alone. Since 1990, the Columbus criminal defense law firm of W. Joseph Edwards has helped clients navigate the judicial system during troubled times. Many of our clients believed all hope was lost and were ready to give up before entering our Columbus, Ohio criminal defense law office. We helped show them that the process may seem daunting but good results are possible.

My job as your criminal defense lawyer is to listen, understand, offer encouragement educate and explore all possible alternatives to a conviction and/or sentence of imprisonment. I understand that my clients are people and not just defined by an indictment or accusation. The dedication of my Columbus criminal law office to every client means we will fight for you to obtain the best possible result whether you are facing federal, state, or local charges.

As your criminal defense lawyer, I get results through experience, skill, creativity, and hard work. In addition, I pride myself on an up to date knowledge of the cyber techniques law enforcement uses to investigate cases to ensure that the constitutional rights of my clients are protected.

Before hiring another Federal defense lawyer or criminal defense attorney in Columbus, Ohio, give Joe Edwards a call or send us an email for a free consultation.

Wrongful Conviction Appeals

Columbus appeals lawyer, attorney to overturn wrongful conviction - Scales of Justice and Judges Gavel

The appeals process to legally exonerate someone who has been wrongfully convicted can prove to be quite difficult and complicated, with strict time limits for motions and petitions to be filed.  Every great result in wrongful conviction cases begins with a call to and a meeting with an experienced appeals lawyer to look over the case and re-examine the evidence.

Federal Defense Attorney

Columbus Ohio Federal Attorney picture of Supreme Court in Columbus for hearing Federal cases prosecuted by the US Government and deciding civil cases

If you are under federal investigation, or a potential witness for one, it is your right to hire an experienced federal defense attorney immediately and prior to meeting with any federal agents on the case.  Any responses you give to investigators can directly relate to any impending charges. These investigations include drug conspiracies, fraud, cyber crimes, obstruction of justice, and more.

Drug Crimes

Columbus, Ohio drug charges defense lawyer for man in handcuffs in front of drugs and drug paraphernalia

A person can be charged with drug offenses in either State or Federal Court. Drug charges can range from PossessionTrafficking, Cultivation of Marijuana, Corrupting Another with Drugs, and Deception to Obtain Dangerous Drugs.

Ohio DUI/OVI Charges

drink driving, drunk, alcohol

In Ohio, DUI, OVI and OMVI are all the same offense and involve consuming alcohol or a drug, like marijuana, to a degree that it affects to drive a motor vehicle, boat or bicycle. D.U.I.

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