Ohio Criminal Defense F.A.Q.


Columbus, Ohio attorney Joseph Edwards understands those who are facing criminal charges have a number of questions regarding their case.

He has handled thousands of cases and as a former prosecutor-turned defense attorney, he knows how stressful this time may be for you.

Here are some commonly asked questions. However, there is no substitute for an initial consultation with an attorney.

The Law Office of W. Joseph Edwards offers a no-cost, initial consultation to evaluate your case. Call today at 614-309-0243.

Attorney Joe Edwards has tried over one hundred felonies before a jury, argued over ten cases before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and more than seven cases before the Ohio Supreme Court.

He has handled over one-hundred fifty criminal appeals and has represented persons accused in a diverse array of matters, from high level felony drug trafficking cases to murder, as well as dark web/Tor Browser pandering, securities fraud, and conspiracy cases.

Experience matters especially when it comes to your case.

My job as your criminal defense lawyer is to evaluate your case and explore all possible options which are best tailored to you.

Experience matters especially when it comes to your case. As a former prosecutor turned criminal defense attorney, Joe Edwards understands what arguments are used in criminal cases, he understands what evidence is needed to secure a conviction, and he understands how to navigate a high stake jury trial or when to deliver favorable negotiations.

The difference is trusting your future to an experienced criminal defense attorney who can evaluate your case and give you all options available to you.

Call today for a no- cost initial consultation at 614-309-0243.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney allows you to know that your case is being handled effectively, which comes from years of experience and hard work. The right criminal defense attorney will protect your rights and help you navigate the criminal justice system and offer the best possible outcome in your case.

From his law office in Columbus, Ohio, Attorney Joe Edwards practices primarily in Central Ohio, focusing his practice in Franklin, Delaware, Madison, Licking, Pickaway, Ross, Fairfield and Muskingum counties.

Additionally, Attorney Joe Edwards practices throughout the Sixth Circuit in both the Northern and Southern Federal Districts of Ohio.

Call for a no cost initial consultation on your case at 614-309-0243.

Attorney Joe Edwards offers a no cost initial consulation on your criminal case. As a small firm, he is able to directly customize payment options to best fit your needs. Call today at 614-309-0243. 

Columbus, Ohio criminal defense attorney Joe Edwards handles a multiple types of criminal defense cases including:
  • Drug offenses including Trafficking
  • Weapons / Firearm violations
  • Murder
  • Felonious Assault
  • Involuntary Manslaughter
  • Violent crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Dark Web/Tor Browser Pandering cases
  • White collar / Financial crimes
  • Fraud and Identity Theft
Whether it is a first offense or subsequent criminal charge, Joe can help you. Call 614-309-0243 for your no cost initial consultation.
Contact Attorney W. Joseph Edwards With Further Questions With my extensive experience, I will give you a no nonsense assessment of your case and can help ensure you receive the best possible outcome. Free case evaluations at 614-309-0243.

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