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When you are facing criminal charges in Ohio, a frequent search is for the best criminal defense lawyer near me. In addition to finding an attorney who is licensed to represent you in the court where your charges are being heard, there are some important aspects to consider in how to choose the best criminal defense attorney for your case.

How To Choose The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your criminal defense attorney should practice in the geographic area where your case will be heard.

Columbus, Ohio criminal defense attorney Joe Edwards is licensed by the Ohio Bar and practices throughout the state of Ohio. Additionally, as a Federal Attorney he practices throughout the Sixth Circuit, focusing mainly in the Northern and Southern Federal Districts of Ohio.

Your attorney should be experienced with the type of charges you are facing.

When seeking the best criminal defense representation for your case, an attorney who focuses their practice on defending the type of charges you are facing will likely have a better understanding of the best defenses to mount as well as the likely outcomes.  

In addition to practicing in a general practice area like criminal defense, it is imperative that your lawyer has an understand of the specific crime for which you are charged. A good way to determine this is by reviewing and asking them about their representative cases.

We have all heard the old joke about how attorneys only “practice” law. When your life and freedom is in the balance you certainly don’t want an attorney who is only “learning” about the specific laws for which you are accused of breaking.

There are numerous differences between State and Federal charges. This includes the court system in which you will be tried, and often the potential severity of the penalties, and even where you may be incarcerated if a prison sentence is handed down.

You should contact a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney if you have been charged, are the subject of an investigation, or are even being questioned about a federal crime by the FBI, DEA, ATF, or another federal agency. 


Experienced & Aggressive Columbus Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you have been charged with a crime in or around the Columbus, Ohio area, you need answers and want favorable results. There are a number of things you look for in a good Ohio criminal defense attorney, including the knowledge of the law, specific experience handling the offense you have been charged with, attention to detail and success both in and out of the courtroom.

Former Prosecutor, Now Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney

As a former prosecutor, Attorney W. Joseph Edwards understands Ohio criminal law and how prosecutors build cases against defendants. He understands the type of evidence they seek, the type of arguments they make, and the tactics they use to get a conviction.

For the past 30 years, my Columbus, Ohio criminal defense law office has represented individuals in local, state, and federal court. My goal has always been to make sure my clients’ side of the story is heard, that the system treats them fairly, and the best possible result is reached.

Before hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, call criminal defense attorney Joe Edwards, and meet me for a free consultation. Call today for a free consultation of your case at (614)309-0243.

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