Columbus DUI Lawyer for OVI/DUI Charges

As a Columbus DUI Lawyer I understand that a drunk driving arrest usually involves the drinking of alcohol along with a social event like a Buckeye tailgate, a friend’s wedding, or a round of golf. All is going well, until, on the way home, the police pull you over for a minor traffic violation and request you perform some sham coordination tests while standing on the side of the road with the cruiser lights flashing. No matter how well you do, the officer says you failed and the night goes from fun to shock as you sit in the back seat of a police cruiser worrying about jail, losing your job, and even custody issues.

No one begins the night with the idea of getting arrested by the Columbus Police, Franklin County Sheriff, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Worthington Police, Bexley Police, Grandview P.D. Sharon Township Police, or another Central Ohio police department. But all too often, good, hardworking people find themselves charged with a D.U.I. and confronted with facing the criminal justice system and needing a good DUI Lawyer in Columbus.

Police officer questioning during traffic stop for drunk driving charges in Columbus, Ohio

A D.U.I. charge in Columbus, Ohio is a serious matter that carries with it a series of penalties. For those who have a previous OVI, DUI, OMVI conviction, or a high test, jail time and driving suspensions increase as do the fines for OVI or DUI.

Fortunately, an experienced Columbus, OH DUI attorney can do many things to assist the person charged with a D.U.I. whether he or she submitted to a chemical test from the police, whether it be Columbus Police, Worthington Police, Bexley Police, Grandview Police, Upper Arlington Police, Dublin Police, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Franklin County Sheriff, Delaware County Sheriff, Licking County Sheriff or another Police Department. The DUI defense representation from your DUI attorney must be aggressive, creative, thorough and send a clear message to the Prosecution that the defense is prepared for a trial unless the D.U.I. offense is reduced.

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