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Obstruction of Justice and The White House

Currently, there appears to be two separate legal investigations happening …

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The Courtroom and Artificial Intelligence in Judicial Decision Making

Artificial Intelligence in Judicial Decision Making When Chief Justice John …

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Viewers Beware: Can Watching a Crime on the Internet Get You in Trouble?

Earlier this week, Chicago police arrested two suspects in the …

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Cocaine Purity: Not an Issue When Determining Felony Level of Cocaine Charges

Only two months after ruling that prosecutors must prove the …

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The Battle Over Sanctuary Cities and Immigration Enforcement

Immigration Enforcement Late last month, President Trump issued an executive …

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Ohio Passes Bill Protecting from Civil Forfeiture

Civil Forfeitures in Ohio Earlier this month, Ohio Governor John …

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Government Revenues and The Costs of Incarceration

When people think about the cost of jail, they often …

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New Ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court a Big Win for Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled earlier this week that the …

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Forensic Science in the Courtroom: The Good, The Bad and The Science

Forensic Science and Convictions America’s love affair with forensic science may …

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Pell Grants Offer Inmates a Second Chance

The Obama Administration has undertaken wide scale criminal justice reforms …

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A New Type of Heroin is Wreaking Havoc in the Midwest

It’s not uncommon for heroin to be mixed with another …

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Felon Friendly Workplaces

When people are done serving their prison sentences and released …

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