Relief From Weapons Disability Attorney

Relief From Weapons Disability Attorney - Columbus, Ohio


Ohio law allows individuals who have a disability, i.e. usually a felony drug conviction or felony offense of violence conviction, to petition the court to be “relieved” of said disability (R.C. § 2923.14). If successful, this means that the prohibition that prevents weapon ownership and possession is purged and the person’s Second Amendment Rights are restored as if the offense had not occurred. The person will not only be able to possess and own a firearm but may also apply for a concealed carry permit which will allow them to possess a weapon concealed if so desired.


It is important to note that relief from disability, does not “expunge” the conviction from a person’s record. The person convicted of a felony drug offense still has that conviction on his or her record. The relief from disability under R.C. § 2923.14 applies to the person’s right to possess a firearm and having that right restored.


If you have a past felony conviction involving drugs or an assault, then a petition filed under R.C. § 2923.14 may restore your Second Amendment Rights. The court and county prosecutor will want to see that you have been rehabilitated and that you can be a responsible gun owner. Most judges in Columbus and throughout the state are sympathetic to these petitions especially if the conviction occurred when the applicant was young and the circumstances giving rise to the conviction no longer exist.


Restoring your Second Amendment Rights is an important matter and one that the Ohio legislators have permitted in R.C. § 2923.14. The decision should be made after consulting with an attorney who can guide you through this process to ensure your rights and freedoms are safeguarded.

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