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Are you under investigation or facing federal charges at the Joseph P. Kinneary U.S. Courthouse in Columbus, Ohio?  It is time to contact a Federal Attorney in Columbus, Ohio? 

Attorney W. Joseph Edwards is a Federal Defense Lawyer serving the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT Southern District of Ohio in Columbus for federal charges defense.

Joe is an experienced federal attorney handling cases in federal courts in Columbus, Dayton, and Toledo, Ohio.

Columbus, Ohio Federal Charges Defense Practice Areas:


Whether you are being questioned as a witness, under federal investigation or facing federal charges, it is in your best interest to seek out the best federal criminal defense attorney in Columbus, Ohio.  An experienced federal attorney will advise a client of their best possible position.

Questions when facing a federal investigation:

  • Should you talk to federal investigators?
  • Which documents should be turned over when business records are subpoenaed?
  • Should you disclose information about the crime or other crimes and how does this affect your status?
  • Should you consider “cutting a deal” with federal agents when providing information about others could result in a lesser sentence or even possible immunity from prosecution?
  • Will a decision to cooperate too hastily reduce your bargaining position?
  • What should you do upon receiving a grand jury subpoena?
All federal crimes should be taken seriously.  Turn to an experienced federal attorney serving Columbus, Ohio for step by step guidance through federal investigations.
Columbus Federal Attorney for facing federal charges

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