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Reducing Wrongful Convictions Begins with Better Police Practices

A recent survey by the Ohio Innocent Project found that, …

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Stand Your Ground Returns to Ohio Statehouse

A new Stand Your Ground bill has made its way …

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Dark Web Busts: Government Entrapment or a Brilliant Sting?

The recent takedown of dark web drug markets AlphaBay and …

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Department of Justice to Issue New Directive on Forfeitures

  Attorney General Jeff Session announced on Monday that the …

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Law Banning Sex Offenders from Facebook is Unconstitutional

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled a North Carolina law …

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The Tiger Woods D.U.I. Case: Analysis Under Ohio Law

During the early morning hours of Memorial Day, Tiger Woods …

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Obstruction of Justice and The White House

Currently, there appears to be two separate legal investigations happening …

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The Courtroom and Artificial Intelligence in Judicial Decision Making

Artificial Intelligence in Judicial Decision Making When Chief Justice John …

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Viewers Beware: Can Watching a Crime on the Internet Get You in Trouble?

Earlier this week, Chicago police arrested two suspects in the …

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Cocaine Purity: Not an Issue When Determining Felony Level of Cocaine Charges

Only two months after ruling that prosecutors must prove the …

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The Battle Over Sanctuary Cities and Immigration Enforcement

Immigration Enforcement Late last month, President Trump issued an executive …

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Ohio Passes Bill Protecting from Civil Forfeiture

Civil Forfeitures in Ohio Earlier this month, Ohio Governor John …

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