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A Christmas Miracle in Congress?

The First Step Act: Bipartisan Sentencing Reform Long Overdue When ...
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Anything You Say Can be Used Against You

The case of terrorist informant Ali Kourani’s unprotected confession to ...
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Land Rover Drives Case to US Supreme Court

It may have all terrain capability, state of the art ...
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The Theranos Tale of Charm, Deception, and Federal Charges

Elizabeth Holmes accused of manipulating investors and patients, faces federal ...
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Federal Investigations: Know When to Hire an Attorney, It’s Not Just on TV

Know when to hire an attorney who knows federal laws ...
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“Pinning” Down the Government’s Right to Cell Phone Data

It’s estimated that Americans check their phones once every twelve ...
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Understanding federal crime designations of “subject,” “target,” and “witness”

Under Investigation: We’re So Over It Understanding federal crime designations ...
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What’s Next for Serial’s Adnan Syed?

Faithful listeners will soon know more about the fate of ...
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Why is the FBI Investigating College Basketball?

March Madness is here! And with it, the annual ritual ...
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Clearing the Record: Marijuana Misdemeanors and Legalization

When your marijuana misdemeanor is no longer a crime, should ...
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Cellphone Tracking Case Could Spur a New Era in Digital Privacy

Does the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement apply when the government ...
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When Answering “I Don’t Remember” Can Get You Indicted: The Case of Michael Flynn

On January 24, 2017, the scene was set for the ...
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